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I. God Will Always Keep His Promises - Romans 11:1-6 II. God Will Always Know His People - Romans 11:7-10 III. God Will Always Continue His Plan - Romans 11:11-12
I. A better perspective toward those who reject Jesus. Romans 10:1-4 II. The most important message for those who reject Jesus. Romans 10:5-13 III. We are the messengers to those…
I. God will choose how He uses His creation to reveal His will -Romans 9:19-23 II. God’s will often works in unexpected ways - Romans 9:24-29 III. God’s will is just and unchanging -Romans 9:30-33

Same God

April 30, 2023
Same God Paul is ___________________ for his people. Romans 9:1-3 Israel has the _______________ of being God’s chosen people. Romans 9:4-5a The same God of Israel is _______________ today. Romans…